Foreign Language and Speech

Ms. Liebman
Italian Language and Culture

Scope and Sequence
  • 11th Grade
    • Fall/Spring Semester - Italian 1 - Italian 1 is an introductory level course designed for students who have no previous Italian instruction, and provides HSHM students with an opportunity to fulfill the language requirement for graduation. This course focuses on developing skills to communicate effectively and accurately in Italian. Students will learn about contemporary Italian culture and society as explored through cinema, as well as the country's rich history.
Corresponding Learning Experiences
  • 11th Grade - Cenerentola (Cinderella Opera)
Grading Policy
Classwork and Participation: 45%
Exams/Projects: 25%
Quizzes: 20%
Homework: 10%


Scope and Sequence

  • Speech-language therapy is designed to help  students improve their communicative skills within the areas of language, articulation, voice,  and fluency. 
  • Our goal is to ensure that students can be successful for classroom activities, social interactions, literacy and learning. 
  • Focus is on literacy achievement of students across the language domains of listening, speaking, reading and writing.