School Crest

      HSHM Crest

The High School of Hospitality Management (HSHM) is a New York City public high school established in 2004.  In 2005, Leury Baez (student) was commissioned to create the high school's crest.

The high school crest is adorned with a laurel wreath.  It contains a shield with four panels each depicting symbols found in education or the hospitality field.

The laurel wreath symbolizes creativity and achievement. It is also a popular culinary ingredient added to soups, stews, and other gravy items and is removed before serving, or is used as a simple garnish on food items.

The four symbols: the Candle of Knowledge; the Pineapple; the Ascending Airplane; and the connected Knife, Fork and Spoon.

The Candle of Knowledge represents the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom through the meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences between students and facilitated by teachers.

The Pineapple is the international symbol for ‘Welcome’ in the hospitality industry. Inspired by its historical rarity, it was once an expensive delicacy. The pineapple represents a unique and tasty way to bring intangible assets we appreciate in our home (HSHM): warmth and friendship.

The Ascending Airplane represents travel and tourism.  At HSHM, it symbolizes students “taking off” - embarking on a journey to soar to new educational heights.

The Knife, Fork, and Spoon are a common logo design for the culinary field.  It represents etiquette, form and style.

The panels on the school seal were originally Navy Blue and Gold.  With the adoption of new school colors, the panels were changed to Navy Blue and Burgundy.

Burgundy represents desire, sophistication and ambition.  Navy Blue represents depth, stability and integrity.

In 2014, Larry Lingard (Art teacher) finalized and updated the school crest by including the school’s full name and featured a banner with the school’s initials and founding date.